Shop is closed until August 27th.  

I can feel the slightest crisp edge of fall in the cooler evenings... The rustling trees.. And the cawing of crows....I'm deep in a dark and spooky and beautiful place as I make my Halloween Reliquaries... All antique materials...

These and many more one of a kind treasures will be at my shop starting September!!!

Theatre Of Dreams

Objects for an Imaginary Life

11 Canyon Lake Dr., P.O. Box 20
Port Costa, CA 94569
(510) 787-2164

Retail store is currently closed as we prepare for Halloween.  We'll re-open on Saturday, Aug 27th and will be open from 11AM - 5PM.

Welcome to the Magical World of the

Theatre of Dreams!

Where we Present a Changeable Array of Hand-made Papergoods.